About Me

I first fell in love with photography as a little girl. I spent much of my childhood exploring the wild of our nation’s National Parks. It was on those trips I fell deeply in love with the work of Ansel Adams.

Years later when my mother died, my love for photography grew to new heights. She didn’t enjoy having her picture taken and as a result there are few of her short life. Since then the idea of being able to somehow bottle a moment and keep it forever has delighted me. I began to realize what a photograph truly is, life, love, memories; pure emotion.

In college I discovered I had a talent for this beautiful art; there’s been a camera in my hand since. Most of my work is very personal and centered around my family life and the places our adventures take us. If you would like to know more about me and my photography please contact me at melissa@iselamaria.com. You can also find my galleries here.